“Slippery Soap!" is delightful! The rhyming is well done and the illustrations are whimsical and so much fun. It's such an upbeat book and I love how the whole family (including the dog!) is involved in the soap escapade. … You’ve thought of everything with the illustrations— I love looking at each member of the family for you've infused certain looks and poses for each one. I love how it is printed and made in America, too. The paperback cover is lightweight but very sturdy for kids and the pages and colors look great! … What a book to bring giggles to kids! I'm looking forward to your next one! - Patricia C.
John A. told us that whenever he finishes the book, his 3-year old daughter insists on going back to the page with the sister and her bubbly shoes. She points to the shoes and says, "What happened to shoes?" ... Then, a month later he said that the other day they sat down to read it and she stopped him before he even started, telling him, "I read to you, Daddy." Then she proceeded to "read" the whole story to him! He was shocked she knew (remembered?) all the words!
Megan C. shared, "My Daughters, age 6 and 7, just finished their first reading of "Slippery Soap" and it was a huge hit! They laughed at the soap's antics and loved the beautiful illustrations. Every house needs a copy!"
"Preeti G. emailed us saying, "Love the site. ... I hope people buy the adorable book, it is hilarious to the last word."
Nick A. called to share with us, "I read it to my kids and they laughed and laughed. The triplets then played “slippery soap” at their next bath time. Lots of fun was had by all.
Mariela said, "My daughter took it to school. The teacher read it to her 2nd grade class and they laughed and laughed."
Debby C. popped in to say, "My daughter just called to tell me that the book arrived and within the first hour her boys insisted she read it 3 times!"
Mark J. told us, "Rhylee loves her copy!"
Rachel M. says, "Just read it to Lily when she got back from Grandma's and she loved it!"
Leah said, "My 5 year old daughter was lucky enough to receive Slippery Soap! as a preschool graduation gift on Monday. It is now Thursday and she and I (and her 3 year old brother) have read it so many times, she has it almost memorized! Wonderful job to Doris and Carol! It keeps my little ones engaged and entertained over and over and over!"



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