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They went to feed swans early one morn,
So funny a time that a new book was born.
We hope you'll enjoy our SWAN POND tale,
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And they’re back!  In Swan Pond, Carol Paterno took a fun, true-life story and turned it first into a song (musical talent that she is!) in wonderful rhyme, and then, inspired and encouraged, it evolved into Daffodil Press’s proud second offering.

Doris Tomaselli’s art complements this animated story with the same style of zany illustrations she created for Slippery Soap!, their debut work. Like Slippery Soap!, released in June 2016, Swan Pond is available as a high quality, 32-page hardcover picture book (printed in the U.S.A.) - a signed and numbered, limited first edition, as well as glossy, laminated and durable paperback format.

This charming story unfolds (and grows!) with repetitive rhyme and has good food for thought along with the swan feed. It’s sure to make you laugh and learn and is great as a read-to-me book for children as young as 2 and suitable for young readers up to age 10.

Ms. Paterno is a music educator, singer and writer with both a bachelor's and a master's degree in music education. She has taught all ages of children from preschool through high school in public schools as well as privately in her studio.

Ms. Tomaselli is the author of thirteen children’s books (including two Fisher-Price® bestsellers); has art directed, painted and designed hundreds more; plus written and designed two biographies. She holds degrees in English Writing, Fine Arts, and Graphics and has had an extensive career in publishing and a variety of creative environments.

Ms. Tomaselli and Ms. Paterno continue with their wonderful collaborations for Daffodil Press.

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"Slippery Soap" - Collectible Hardcover, Spring 2016
"Slippery Soap" - Paperback, Spring 2017
"Swan Pond" - Collectible Hardcopy, January 2018


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