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 Humbert and the Bully Frog



A frog’s got to do
what a frog’s got to do!

New to Daffodil
- a story as timely as it is entertaining!

Big bully Brutus has crashed the Frog Hop!
Pushing to get his way in at the dance.
Little Humbert the frog wants him to stop.
Does he stand a chance?







Have you ever heard or really listened to the voices of peepers and frogs in the Spring? Sometimes they’re singing or calling to friends, and sometimes they’re telling amazing stories.

New York’s Great Swamp is a wondrous and special place full of plant life and creatures like the great blue heron, beaver, turtles, otters, and frogs. Even...bully frogs.

But deep in the heart of the Swamp, the peepers and frogs also tell a tale about Humbert, a small frog who had the courage to stand up to—and the smarts to outwit—big bully Brutus.

It all began on a warm summer’s night at the Swamp’s big Starry Night Dance Competition....

Daffodil Press is pleased to announce its third collaborative effort by authors Doris Tomaselli and Carol Paterno.

“Humbert and the Bully Frog” unfolds in rhyme that entertains as it takes on the serious issue of bullying. When bully Brutus crashes the Swamp’s Frog Hop dance contest, he thinks he can have his way. Humbert is just as determined to stand up for what’s right and so must rely on his own strengths—brains and talent – to outwit and outmaneuver his bully.

Our authors consulted with children’s counselor Jackie Muller, LCSW-R of Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions, to make sure the story was sound and sensitive while at the same time being engaging and humorous. Here’s her response:

I love how Humbert outsmarts the bully using his wits instead of brawn to avoid becoming a target. Humbert clearly demonstrates how to become ‘bully proof.’ Humbert’s story is a conversation starter for parents and their little ones.

Special additional features to the book include:

Doris Tomaselli continues to add her artistic talents to the Daffodil Press line of books. Her watercolor illustrations—as wacky as ever—were made more dramatic for this book by her further reworking and enhancing them digitally to get just the right starry-night effects. We hope you will enjoy all the drama and the fun and the timely lessons to be learned in “Humbert and the Bully Frog.”

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