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Saving Montana




Come along for the ride!

New to Daffodil— this true story with heart,
You’ll be roped in right from the start.
It’s a tale of love, hope, and believing in dreams.
And magic— Montana is more than he seems!









Daffodil Press is pleased to introduce talented author John Paolucci, along with his heart-warming, true story, "Saving Montana."

The story unfolds in rhyme that entertains while the words strike deeper chords and the life message brings depth and sincerity to the story on many levels. It’s written for children but “children of all ages” will enjoy the read, especially those who love animals, horses in particular.

This is Mr. Paolucci’s first children’s book, having lived a life of crime…fighting crime, that is. He’s seen a lot of life’s harsher moments in his career, and finding, saving, and loving Montana has helped him to focus on the positive in life. A lesson he’s now shared with all of us. He plans to continue writing for children, young adults and beyond!

Doris Tomaselli continues to add her talents to the Daffodil Press line of books. Her soft watercolor illustrations work well with the emotion-tugging storyline and she rose to the challenge of featuring real characters—that is: real people—from Montana’s story. (You’ll meet them in a special section at the end of the story.) She is already at work on her next book with Carol Paterno in between her other design projects.

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