Meet our books' authors: 

Carol Paterno, authorCarol Paterno

Ms. Paterno, having taught all ages of children from preschool through high school, is a music educator, singer and writer with both a bachelor's and a master's degree in music education. She has taught in public schools as well as privately in her studio.




Doris TomaselliDoris Tomaselli, author, illustrator

Ms. Tomaselli is the author of sixteen children's books (including two Fisher-Price bestsellers); has art directed, painted and designed hundreds more; plus written and designed two biographies and a photo-based retrospective. She holds degrees in English Writing, Fine Arts, and Graphics and has had an extensive career working in a variety of creative environments.

Ms. Tomaselli and Ms. Paterno are working on their next book for Daffodil Press.
For more, visit: doristomaselli.net or empresscreative.com




John Paolucci, author John Paolucci

Mr. Paolucci is a Crime Scene analyst who provides expert services both nationally and internationally. His early career plans were to become a writer and he attended Bard College with that career goal in mind until he answered a call to service. Understanding that his current career revolves around always seeing the dark side of humanity and having been a first responder on September 11, 2001, it’s plain to see how Montana saved John just as much as John saved Montana. "Saving Montana" is John’s first foray into children’s publishing, but it won’t be his last.  Visit Montana at: SavingMontana.net



Doris Tomaselli and Carol Paterno
Carol Paterno (left) and Doris Tomaselli at the Sherman Historical Society’s Family Day event.
Sherman, CT.

Carol Paterno reads Slippery Soap! to a captive
audience of young ones at The Children's Station,
in Brewster, NY.

Rose Aglieco, Executive Director of the Brewster (NY)
 Chamber of Commerce, loves her signed copy of
Slippery Soap!
and has purchased several additional
copies to give as gifts.

Carol Paterno and Doris Tomaselli were guests on "Locally Sourced," a brand new Comcast cable series,
produced by Armanda Famiglietti, featuring individuals and organizations of note in the Hudson Valley region
 of New York. This interview runs on the local Comcast channels and is available to watch here and on YouTube.
 We thank Comcast and Armanda for the opportunity to talk about Slippery Soap! 




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